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Meet Our Raw Milk Club Girls

We milk a small herd of Jersey, Guernsey, and Holstein cows.  Our cows spend their days grazing in our green pastures. They feed on hay produced by those same fields during the winter.  They are happy and healthy and treated with the same respect that we give our family. We believe in a system of sustainability that goes beyond organic, and farm as our great-grandparents did.  We fertilize with the best fertilizer ever made, and we do not have to buy bags of it in the store.  



Dolly was our first heifer. She was also our first mama on the farm, giving birth to Olivia. Although her horns can be intimidating, she is the most gentle, sweetest, loving, and personable cow on the farm.  And she is also one of our most prized milk producers. Her milk is amazing (if you like holstein), thick, and sweet. She has been at constant source of friendship and milk at North Meadow Farm, and we could not have done it without her.



Dopey is an original heifer. She is a gentle, sweet cow and mother to Keith. If you ever need a hug, she's your girl. She will lay her head on your shoulder while you wrap your arms around her neck. She is a Milk Club Member's best friend. Dopey is always there to lend support, too. She helped her friend, Mystic when she having trouble birthing. She actually broke Mystics' water so her calf could breathe, and she laid with Mystic as she passed away. Dopey is a very loyal and true friend. 

Margaret  Mocha 1.jpg

Mocha & Margaret

Mocha was an original heifer. She is the mama to Margaret and queen of the pasture at North Meadow Farm. Due to her authoritative attitude, her horns had to be removed for safety, but since she had her calf, she has calmed down and has become a very sweet-natured girl. She is very inquisitive and loves to get into things in the barn that she shouldn't be getting in to. But that's Mocha! We have to keep a close eye on her.


Margaret is Mocha's daughter....

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