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Our Fowl

Turkeys, Ducks, and Chickens, Oh MY!

Our farm is home to a variety of poultry including chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Each of these birds provides unique benefits to our farm and community, from their delicious eggs to pest control.

Our chickens are a diverse flock of breeds, each with their own personalities and characteristics. They are excellent layers. We keep them in a spacious coop with plenty of room to roost and nest. They spend their days scratching around in the pasture, eating insects and other small animals, and pecking at the grass. We provide them with high-quality feed to ensure they receive all the necessary nutrients they need to thrive.

Our turkeys are a unique and interesting addition to our farm. We raise them for their flavorful meat, which is a favorite at Thanksgiving dinners. And then there are the ducks, they lay eggs and provide great entertainment around the farm.

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726 North Road, Manchester Center, VT 05255


Phone(802) 768-8233

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